Mobius Life


Mobius Life is an institutional investment platform focused on the UK pensions and fund management market.

UK pension funds, especially Defined Benefit schemes, are under pressure to match their assets to pension liabilities.  This is particularly the case where funds are closed and have an increasing number of members either drawing or close to drawing their pension.  As a result, pension funds are becoming far more active in their investment approach, driving them to seek valuations and trade more actively, some as frequently as daily.

Assets are placed with Mobius Life by pension fund trustees and advisors into a life wrapper that brings scale benefits to the pension funds who value its ability to efficiently, effectively and safely manage the switching of investments, trading and the provision of accurate valuation data.

Mobius is also interesting for other fund managers looking to remove some of their back-office functions whilst maintaining their asset allocation management.

Manfield was attracted to the business due to the increasing focus from companies on finding solutions for their Defined Benefit Pension Schemes and the unique capabilities that Mobius Life brings to this. There is a strong management team led by Adrian Swales and a strong growth potential.

Manfield worked alongside the management team to structure the buyout of Mobius Life from Alexander Forbes in June 2013. The buyout was backed by Manfield and Souter Investments, the private equity investment arm of Sir Brian Souter, alongside one of the high net worth investors that Manfield brought into Central Pharma.


Jonathan Derry-Evans represents Manfield on the board of the business.