About us


Our investment approach is based on ‘doing’ and, where relevant, we can assist the incumbent team strategically or operationally, bring in additional management or take a direct involvement in developing, financing and delivering a company’s new strategy.


We offer strategic advice from an operational and financial perspective at all stages in a company’s development. When required we have the ability and operational experience to take a hands-on approach through executive and non-executive positions.


We target companies where we can use a combination of our own money and third party capital. Whilst we do not operate a fund, we have strong experience of raising and deploying third party capital and have successful relationships with a number of specialist funders including Grapevine Capital Partners and PFP Group.


The Manfield team comprises a highly experienced pool of financial, operational and management expertise which allows it to assess challenging and complex investment opportunities with a broader and longer term investment perspective.

Our Team

Our team comprises five partners and some 10 senior executives, who have experience in a range of sectors and a history in successfully transforming businesses.