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Devatics is a software and related services business that optimises online and in-store customer experiences. It operates two different businesses, one focused on online optimisation and customer conversion (Engage) and the other linking the online and in-store shopping experience.


Engage includes all the services expected for online and real-time online personalisation such as predictive personalisation whilst online shopping, product recommendation and email retargeting. Unify offers a highly personalised and quick solution to retailers linking online and instore shopping. It has installed successfully solutions such as click and collect, e-reservation and personal shopper systems. Its latest Unify product, OneStock, allows stores to become warehouses in their own right with online orders being fulfilled from stores.


The business has doubled in size every year for the last three years and has a strong presence in the UK and France. Its head office is in Toulouse.


Manfield has invested directly into Devatics and has assisted in its fundraising. Adam Shaw represents Manfield on the board of Devatics.