Scribestar is a revolutionary on-line editing and review tool that will disrupt the production of complex documents within law firms. Scribestar has created a cloud based application that will greatly reduce the time lawyers spend on the more administrative side of complex document production. By moving document workflow processes into the cloud, lawyers can benefit from a new intelligent delivery system with previously unavailable features that will help drive a more productive and cost effective process.


The software has initially focused on the production of the most complex equity capital markets documents, primarily prospectuses. It has been used to produce over 40 prospectuses for the London Stock Exchange and AIM, including in 2018 the Aston Martin prospectus.

The system allows authors to electronically invite, receive and action each reviewer’s comments in one place and select which version they wish to include into a revised master. Users can draft, edit, and manage the verification and UKLA checklist procedure simultaneously in-line, with the help of a dynamic template. It has been estimated that using Scribestar will save c30% of the legal time to produce a final IPO prospectus.

Scribestar is looking to expand in its current markets and internationally in Equity Capital Markets, and is also expanding into Debt Capital Markets and other complex legal documents.


Manfield has been involved with Scribestar from a very early stage and has assisted in various rounds of capital raising. The Manfield team has invested in Scribestar and has helped with various introductions to future customers. Adam Shaw represents Manfield on the board of Scribestar.