Veros Digital

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Veros Digital Partners is dedicated to producing high quality ‘virtual reality’ animated sports games for the global gambling and gaming market.


The Global gaming sector is a $100bn plus market, and is forecast to continue its robust recent growth across the globe. Virtual Sports Gaming is a well-established niche in many markets generating £billions of gross bets per annum. We anticipate a clear opportunity for Virtual Sports to take a growing share of a growing market, as the gaming world continues to shift towards online and mobile formats, and as consumer appetite for animation and virtual entertainment grows.


The executive management team pioneered this highly successful product sector eight years ago. They are now using advances in animation and rendering technologies to produce a new generation of products: with higher visual quality, greater ‘playability’, and wider application across all media, including mobile.


Manfield have assisted Veros in its business planning, market connections and successful fund-raising. Jeremy Blood is Chairman of Veros